Voucher Section

Codego Support Team

Last Update منذ ١٠ أشهر

Let's understand how to check if your voucher has been redeemed

and how to create a new voucher for customers

In the voucher section

two different lists can be found:

In order to create a new voucher we need to go in

"Not Redeemed List" and open the next page

A list with all the not redeemed vouchers will appear

On the top right a you can find a "Generate New Voucher Code" button

All the details can be settled by you

The following details can be managed

- Amount

- Limit

- Status

When the voucher is submitted, It will be found in the Not redeemed list

When the code is shared with the user and it's redeemed,

you will find the voucher in Redeemed List

All the details will be shown in the page such as Voucher Code, who redeemed it, etc.

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