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Last Update 4 months ago

KYC criteria

1) Every single document provided must display all four corners. Please ensure that the image captures and displays every corner of the document.

2) All documentation must be within its validity period (not expired). Proof of Address documents cannot be older than three (3) months. All dates must be clearly visible.

3) Please ensure that the images provided are pictures of the original documents. We do not accept scanned copies or images of computer monitors/screens, nor images in black and white. Only real time pictures.

Proof of Identification – Accepted Documents:

- Valid International Passport (Outside Europe)

- Id card or Driver license (European)

- The Proof of Identification must be a governmental issued document displaying an identifying photo. It must clearly display the cardholder’s name, date of birth and expiry date.

- The Proof of Identification document must be in color, no black and white images will be approved.

Proof of Address – Accepted Documents:

- Registered Bank Account Statement

- Household Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electricity, Cable/TV, Home Phone and/or Internet). Mobile Cellphone Statements are not accepted.

- Valid Tax Statement

- The Proof of Address cannot be older than the past three (3) months, displaying clearly

the date.

- The Proof of Address must be in account holder name only.

- The Proof of Address must display a residential address only.

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