How to move funds by wire transfer

Mobile APP


Last Update 4 maanden geleden

Select "Send" in your app dashboard

Choose "wire transfer"

Add the beneficiary by clicking "+" 

The beneficiary could be an individual or a company, choose accordingly.

Click on the country list to choose beneficiary's country.

For a SEPA wire transfer, only beneficiary name and surname, IBAN and email data are needed

 Once beneficiary data is saved, it will be shown in your contacts list

Select the beneficiary just added and enter:

- The amount

- The reference

You can decide if you want an email receipt

You need to confirm the transaction with your PIN.

After this, all details will be shown together with your fees


The amount to be transferred will be charged on your "Main Wallet"

If you moved the funds to Debit Wallet or Prepaid Card,

You can't move your funds by wire transfer

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