Debit card section

Codego Support Team

Last Update 6 maanden geleden

All the information about users' debit card can be found in this section

You can also find a list of the unassigned cards

Here you can decide to assign them to a reseller

Or to search them by the reseller they have been assigned to

In the Activated Debit card section you'll find the list

of the all already activated debit cards

All the details are listed: card last 4 digits, status and usernames

The history and details of users' transactions

done with debit card will be listed in this section

Here you can see all the fees paid by users and company's profits

You can find a list of user's debit card order requests under

''Debit Cards Request List''

When clicking "Debit Cards Cashback", this page will show up

The percentage of cashback taken from the customer's can be decided here

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